Eagle Hills Launches the “Riga Waterfront” Project with Investments Exceeding 3 Billion Euros

Eagle Hills announces the launch of its new project “Riga Waterfront,” which aims to develop the waterfront on the Daugava River in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The project extends for five kilometers in a strategic location at the intersection of Riga’s world heritage historic center, which is recognized by UNESCO, and the charming Art Nouveau district. It has been designed to match a modern lifestyle and contribute to transforming the city’s living experience.
Riga is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and is embraced by the majestic Daugava River. It is a city that UNESCO has designated as a World Heritage Site, undergoing a planned development that integrates the city’s rich historical fabric with a new, comfortable modern lifestyle.
Mohamed Al Abbar, The Founder and Chairman of Eagle Hills Properties, stated that the project reflects the strategic vision to develop Latvia and its capital Riga to transform it into Europe’s new center. The aim is to turn the site into a vibrant hub that offers a harmonious blend of luxury residential buildings, green spaces, and an active community life with a direct view of the waterfront. Al Abbar added that the project’s investments exceed 3 billion euros.
The 5-kilometer waterfront extension aims to turn the old site into a thriving hub that directly overlooks the water. The Extension has been carefully designed to ensure a vibrant environment where the beauty of nature and water meets the beauty of the residential community and open spaces, enhancing the quality of life. All of this has been designed with a keen vision towards sustainability and harmony with the surrounding environment. The master plan is a testament to Eagle Hills’ commitment to creating spaces for community development while preserving nature and envisioning a new way of living along the river’s edge.
The project provides around 8,000 meticulously designed residential units that can accommodate over 30,000 residents. The details reflect excellence in design and living standards. The project is envisioned as a destination for living, leisure, and sophistication. It includes a diverse range of luxury hotels with over 1,000 hospitality units, enchanting ice-skating rinks, marina for ships and yachts, shopping center, and public green spaces.
As a step towards reviving heritage, the site of the old power station, which is a key component of Riga’s history and a cultural landmark, is being transformed into a vibrant commercial center. By preserving the architectural approach and historical character while introducing new services as a commercial destination, it allows for exploration and enjoyment of new experiences. It becomes a place where the legacy of the past is woven with the future, offering residents and visitors a unique blend of entertainment and relaxation options.
The “Riga Waterfront” project sets new standards that combine education and living experiences infused with luxury, through advanced schools, community centers, and carefully designed green public spaces to foster a sense of belonging, innovation, and well-being, leveraging the latest technological advancements.
By leveraging advanced technology, this project sets a pioneering path in sustainability and innovation through smart infrastructure, green practices, intelligent waste management systems, and energy-efficient buildings, all while enhancing the unique lifestyle of the residents. As a result, every aspect of the development project reflects a commitment to a sustainable future.

Prospective buyers in this project have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Riga, Latvia, with all the benefits in accordance with European Union regulations, through an investment of €250,000, making it one of the most competitive opportunities in the European Union.
This project serves as a beacon, demonstrating how cities can preserve their heritage while embracing the future. It stands as a testament to Eagle Hills’ vision of creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

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