LULU ‘Let’s Eatalian’ brings best of Italian fruits harvest for Saudi shoppers

Over 10 varieties of sweet and crunchy Italian apples, succulent and juicy kiwi (green as well as golden) and the popular Angys Italian winter pear will delight Saudi shoppers at the ‘Let’s Eatalian’ promotion from March 30 to April 5, 2024 across all LuLu stores in KSA. The promotion coincides with the winter harvest of fruits in Italy and shoppers will be treated to juicy premium fruit that will reach their tables In top quality, full of sweetness and nutrition.

The ‘Let’s Eatalian’ promotion is a popular regular event supported by the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Trade Commissioner responsible for creating awareness for top-quality food and ingredients from Italy. The LuLu Group has signalled its ability to spot trends and stay ahead of the curve by investing in a state-of-the-art sourcing office in Malpense, Milan and shoppers can see the effect of this in the many new products exclusively on LuLu shelves.

Said Mr. Shehim Mohammed, LuLu Hypermarkets Saudi Arabia Director, “Fruits are a tasty way of boosting good health and widely recommended as part of the 5-a-day formula of including at least 5 types of fruits and veg daily for good health. LuLu’s collaboration with the Italian embassy to showcase the “Let’s Eatalian” promotion is very effective and shoppers benefit greatly from it.”

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