Chery cooperates with key suppliers to strengthen its Research & Development ability

In the “circle of partners” of Chery’s open cooperation, not only the number of partners is increasing, but also the scope and level of cooperation is more diversified and profound. In 2022, Chery Group has joined hands with Luxshare Precision, Haier, Huawei, CATL, iFLYTEK, Horizon Robotics and other first-class enterprises in various industries, building a number of “cross-border alliances” of joint innovation, integrated innovation and open collaboration. Chery Group has cooperated with them deeply in industrial Internet, intelligent solutions, power battery system, ecosystem cooperation and so on.
These cooperation achievements are not only applied to Chery’s technology, products and services, but also constantly drive Chery’s strategic development, digital transformation and cultural construction. In 2022, the industrial Internet platform of HiGOPlat built by Chery and COSMOPlat was put into operation and applied in Chery Qingdao Super Factory and Chery Wuhu Super Factory in succession, which not only create a number of pacesetting “beacon factories”, but also establish a new production mode of mass individual customization.
Chery’s super factories in Wuhu and Qingdao
Thanks to top talents from various fields around the world in rush with Chery, the enterprise talent structure is also quietly transformed.
In 2022, Chery introduced global top talents from various fields such as styling, chip, software, operating system, and intelligent cabin, including Chris, the former top designer of Mercedes-Benz, and established a team of “chief scientists”. At present, Chery boasts more than 10,000 engineers and scientists, which used to be mainly mechanical engineers, but in the future, there will be more software engineers, chip engineers, scientists, mathematicians, physicists and so on.

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