Bigo Live Celebrates Ramadan 2023 with Immersive In-App Features

21 March 2023 – Bigo Live, a leading social livestreaming platform, is thrilled to announce its latest initiative for Ramadan in the MENA Region. The holy month of Ramadan is a time for spreading positivity and sharing joy. Bigo Live encourages broadcasters to create a chain of kindness by sharing religious stories, cooking food during Ramadan, or acknowledging good deeds and acts of kindness around them, Bigo Live users can join popular singer Bessan Ismail, actress Sara Mohannad, chef Amouna_cuisine, blogger Dyl3r, and more influencers to explore new ways to celebrate this season while building new communities that can last a lifetime.

Bigo Live is inviting its users to join in the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan by sharing their favorite recipes, movies, insightful health tips, and how they are preparing for Ramadan on Community. For instance, users can join “Gathering is best in Ramadan,” a growing community of around 13,000 global Muslim users who contribute health, fitness, and self-care information to engage with other users during the holy month. Additionally, users who share their Iftar meals in the food community will also have the opportunity to be awarded.

As dressing conservatively is important for both men and women during Ramadan, Bigo Live has introduced new Ramadan clothes for avatars to try on under the platform’s Virtual Live feature. With the most updated version of the platform, users can dress up their personalized 3D avatars from the available selection while going live, delivering a more immersive experience. This feature will enable users to showcase their fashion sense while also respecting the traditional values of the holy month.

A spokesperson from Bigo Live said, “As we celebrate Ramadan, Bigo Live is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our users, and we will continue to work towards promoting positivity and togetherness on our platform. We are confident that our in-app activity for Ramadan will foster a sense of community and inspire our users to be kinder and more compassionate towards one another. We look forward to celebrating this special season with our users and wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.”

Bigo Live will continue to spread positivity and joy on its platform and celebrate the spirit of kindness, caring, generosity, and solidarity during Ramadan. By encouraging its users to create a chain of kindness and share their unique and innovative content this Ramadan, the platform aims to foster a sense of community and togetherness during the holy month.

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