Lulu Hypermarket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will welcome the Spirit of Ramadan with special Ramadan treats that will fulfill the requirements of the sacred month when shoppers look for value and quality. From convenient pre-packed Ramadan Kits with all the essentials in one box, ready-to-prepare foods like samosa, kibbeh etc. in the ‘Freezer to Fryer’ section, the best cuts of meat and fresh fruit and vegetables for Ramadan meals, cold-pressed and fresh juices, desserts, delicatessen cheeses and cold cuts, to children’s treats and even special diet meals (vegan, organic, keto etc), there is something for everybody at LuLu.

In addition, LuLu has stocked up on amazing Ramadan gifts for family times and Ramadan-themed cards for ready-packed Iftar and Suhoor meals. Available in denominations of SAR 15 and SAR 150, the Ramadan themed cards will make perfect gifts. You can also pass on happiness with the colorful and valuable LuLu Gift Card which comes in values from 50 SAR to 500 SAR.

Since shoppers will be preparing for get-togethers, LuLu is also offering amazing deals on home accessories, cleaning equipment, home linen and white goods. Party-time also means a new wardrobe and LuLu makes it convenient and stylish with their ‘Everything Under 30 SAR’ deals.

Charity is not forgotten, and LuLu has announced the ‘Goodness of Giving’ campaign in collaboration with the Saudi Food Bank. Deserving families will be served boxes of essential provisions, food baskets and hot meals to be had for Iftar when the fast is ended. The economically priced boxes can be bought for just SAR 99 each. Customers can also donate SAR 15 at the LuLu cash counters towards the scheme and LuLu will collaborate with the Saudi Food Bank to undertake distribution of the iftar boxes to the needy and to charity groups who organize Iftar distributions to the underprivileged.

In association with Manafith Saudia and other charities, Lulu will distribute Zakat Al Fitr to the deserved people before Eid Al Fitr begins. Kids will enjoy special treats for Girgian, the festival which is unique to the Arab Ramadan tradition and replete with sweets, toys and gifts. “We at LuLu know that the Holy Month of Ramadan is so important for our shoppers and we want them to get the best of everything at best prices,” said Mr. Shehim Mohammed, Director, LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia, “We wish all our shoppers Ramadan Mubarak.”

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