Lucien Laviscount and Laura Marano join Breakthrough Middle-Eastern Star Cynthia Khalifeh in Future Artist Entertainment Horror-Thriller Borderline

Ahmed Bin Abdulqader

Leading UK production company Future Artists Entertainment are currently in production of new horror-thriller film-Borderline-which will be shot in both the UK and Malta. Lucien Laviscount (Emily in Paris), Laura Marano (The Royal Treatment) and Cynthia Khalifeh (8 Days) will lead a cast which also includes Jason Flemyng and the Saudi Arabian rising start and award winner Sara Taibah.

The first instalment of the planned horror franchise is directed by BIFA-nominated Jane Gull (My Feral Heart) and written by Elizabeth Morris (Above the Below).

Khalifeh will play Zena, a young woman who turns up at the rundown Borderline pub for a date with the handsome and charismatic Jack. Zena soon realizes she has been stood up and ends up having a drink with bumbling but charming local, Paul, played by Laviscount. He’s not a threat and he’s good company but Zena could not be more wrong on both counts! Paul is in fact a serial killer, who lures his victims inside the lawless walls of the Borderline.

The film is produced by Future Artists Entertainment’s Martin Owen alongside Evan Ross and Khalifeh. Jeff Rice of Jeff Rice Films will be the Executive Producer.

Producer Martin Owen of Future Artists Entertainment said: “Borderline is set to be a genre defining horror movie with incredible production value and performances. We’re diving deep into the dark side of dating apps with this thriller that will play on everyone’s worst fears when using dating apps in a unique, terrifying and captivating way. We strongly believe this will be the first in a new horror franchise.”

FAE is one the UK’s fastest growing movie production businesses and is best known for movies such as the Netflix hit Bank of Dave, Sky Original’s Pokerface starring Russel Crowe, Last Train to Christmas starring Michael Sheen and the Welsh true story Save The Cinema starring Samantha Morton, Tom Felton and Jonathan Pryce. Most recently, they have completed production on family adventure film Robin and the Hood, with Naomie Harris and Gwendoline Christie and Above the Below, directed by Idris Elba, who also stars, and Martin Owens.

Cynthia Khalifeh, born on February 16, 1992, has earned acclaim for her versatile talent and powerful performances. From her early days in the Lebanese sitcom “Abdo and Abdo” to her international recognition in films like “Cargo,” Cynthia has continually impressed audiences with her depth and charisma. In “Borderline,” she brings her formidable talent to the role of Zena, adding depth and intensity to this horror-thriller. Her dual role as lead actress and co-writer demonstrates her multifaceted capabilities and commitment to her craft. Set for release next Halloween, “Borderline” is poised to enthrall audiences with its chilling narrative and standout performances.

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