Chery’s Substantial R&D Efforts Result in “5-Star” NCAP Rating for Flagship Models – Tiggo 7 & Tiggo 8

Sanabel Modern Motor’s Chery continues to garner widespread recognition for its vehicles’ remarkable safety standards. Accredited by NCAP, Chinese and ASEAN (Southeast Asia), Chery’s flagship models, the Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8, have earned prestigious five-star safety ratings, emphasizing the company’s breakthroughs due to its consistent and substantial R&D efforts.
Chery’s newfound safety success is through its robust V-model system, a framework that ensures safety is a paramount consideration throughout the product development lifecycle. This innovative system, named for its structural resemblance to the letter “V,” guides Chery’s development and verification processes, from market demand analysis to product creation and validation. By integrating safety principles at every stage, Chery’s V-model system enables the company to deliver vehicles that meet and exceed global safety standards.
During the R&D phase, Chery employs advanced technology and rigorous testing protocols to assess vehicle structures, materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring safety and quality are prioritized from the inception. Furthermore, Chery ensures eminent safety standards for its customers by selecting its core parts suppliers meticulously, ensuring quality and reliability in critical components such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and airbags system.
In the testing phase, Chery conducts exhaustive safety evaluations, including rigorous crash tests and assessments under extreme conditions, to validate vehicle safety across diverse environments such as the harsh heat of the Middle East. By adhering to international safety standards and methodologies, Chery’s commitment to deliver superior safety and reliability to its consumers is paramount.
Leveraging the capabilities of the V-model system, Chery has achieved significant advancements in collision safety & active and passive safety. The integration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), further enhances vehicle stability, boosting its occupants safety multi-fold.
Chery’s flagship models, the Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8, fully epitomize safety by featuring advanced safety technologies that result in outstanding crash test results. The Tiggo 8, recognized with a five-star safety rating from C-NCAP, offers Chery’s consumers a safer and more reliable driving experience. Similarly, the Tiggo 7 boasts superior safety performance, with advanced features such as Bosch ESP 9.3 and comprehensive airbag protection.
These safety ratings reflect Chery’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and consistent improvement. Chery’s reputation for their advanced innovation in safety systems ensures that its loyal customers can expect continued reliability and safety from Chery vehicles now, and in the future.
Sanabel Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company, and the official dealer for Chery vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is proud to provide vehicles that prioritize its customers safety and well-being, such as the Tiggo 7 & Tiggo 8, which will be available across all Sanabel Modern Motors showrooms throughout the Kingdom.

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