MG Cars Owners Club Celebrates International Mother’s Day 2023

In continuation of its innovative marketing activities in the Saudi market, the MG Cars Owners Club celebrated International Mother’s Day in a unique and special way with an event held at one of the luxurious restaurants in Jeddah, in an exceptional presence by an elite group of active club members, prominent social media influencers and their mothers. The event aimed to honor mothers and recognize their important role in society.

The event featured a range of fun activities for all attendance, including music, and delicious food, as well as special gifts and roses were exchanged. The event was a huge success, with attendees enjoying socializing and making new friends within the MG car owners’ community.

“We wanted to create an event that would not only recognize the important role that mothers play in our lives but also bring together our community of MG car owners,” said Rana Bajouda, Vice President of the MG Club, “We believe that Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate with mothers, to show our appreciation for all that they do, and for their great role in our lives”.

Worth to mention that the first MG Cars Owners Club was founded in 1930, while the Saudi Club was established in 2022, which is considered the first club in the Middle East. and is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and preservation of MG cars. The club has a vibrant and active membership and organizes a range of events and activities throughout the year, including rallies, and social events for members and their families.

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