Taulant Balla, Chairman of the Majority Parliamentary Group in the Albanian Parliament, praises UAE’s decision to allow Albanian citizens to enter the country without a visa

 Mr. Taulant Balla, Chairman of the Majority Parliamentary Group in the Albanian Parliament, praised the decision of UAE’s Government to exempt Albanian citizens from pre-entry visas required for entering UAE airports and crossing its borders.

In a press statement issued earlier today, Balla pointed out that this decision comes as part of the great development in the friendship relations and cooperation between the two countries and would contribute to enhancing trade, tourism, and cultural exchange in the coming stages.

Mr. Balla, Head of the Socialist Party’s (SP) Parliamentary Group, explained that his country is satisfied and grateful to the UAE’s government and people for their noble humanitarian stances towards Albania and the Albanian people, asserting that both countries are keen to develop relations of friendship and find opportunities to promote cooperation among them, especially in the economic and commercial fields and investments, in light of the “Economic Cooperation Agreement” they signed in November 2020.

“The UAE-Albanian relations will witness great development this year and the during coming years thanks to UAE’s interest in increasing its investments in the Republic of Albania in tourism, real estate, renewable energy, ports development, and infrastructure”, he said.

“We will not forget the UAE’s noble stances towards Albania and the Albanian people; when an earthquake struck the country in 2019, the UAE was one of the first countries

to contribute to the reconstruction process building around 2,000 houses for the affected people, in addition to providing medical assistance to support relief efforts during that period. Moreover, UAE contributed to the construction and rehabilitation of Zayed International Airport in the Albanian city of Cox”, Mr. Balla added.

“The UAE is an advocate of peace, tolerance, coexistence, and stability in the region, and Albania plays the same role in the Balkans”, he asserted.

Mr. Balla pointed out that Albania’s strategic location in the Balkans has made it one of the most promising countries attracting tourists to its history, civilization, and picturesque nature. He emphasized that the UAE is one of the largest supporters of development and tourism in Albania.

Concluding his statement, Mr. Taulant Balla, Chairman of the Majority Parliamentary Group in the Albanian Parliament, invited Emirati investors to invest in Albania in the sectors of tourism, real estate, and clean renewable energy, whether wind or solar energy, hoping to cooperate with Masdar, which is considered to be one of the world’s most important renewable energy companies.

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