MRC Unveils Groundbreaking Ramadan Data Revolutionizing Broadcast Channels and Advertising Strategies

The Media Rating Company (MRC) has made a game-changing announcement: the introduction of cutting-edge data for the month of Ramadan, a period of immense significance for broadcast channels and advertisers. This data gathered with remarkable accuracy, is particularly crucial during the first five days of the holy month, as it offers unparalleled insights into the actual viewer percentages for all programs and series.
Armed with this information, advertisers can now craft laser-targeted campaigns focused on the most-watched programs. Companies within the Kingdom are already raving about the data’s precision and comprehensive nature.
Eng. Bandar Anwar Al-Mashhadi, CEO of Media Classification Company, said: “We are proud to issue accurate and real-time data from within the Kingdom, which supports and contributes to the development of the advertising sector. We are proud of our role in transferring knowledge from a global company such as Nelson to national cadres.”
Launched in a whirlwind of anticipation, the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) project was announced in December 2021 and officially set in motion in February. Its mission? To revolutionize television broadcasting service providers, digital publishers, media agencies, and various advertising entities by delivering invaluable public consumption data for the media.
Overseen by the visionary MRC, the TAM project has taken the bold step of installing digital meters in 2,360 homes across 24 Saudi cities, encompassing a diverse array of population groups, including Saudis, Arab residents, and non-Arab residents. A staggering 1,979 of these households met TAM’s rigorous quality control and validation standards within the Kingdom.
The astonishing results indicate that the 2,360 participating households serve as a representative sample of 4.5 million households, or 8,296 individuals, which translates to an incredible 20.3 million people in the Kingdom. In its pioneering first year, the study cast a wide net, measuring 150 channels while simultaneously monitoring and tracking 50 channels. Data on live TV consumption was meticulously collected daily and over seven days.
Dr. Abdullatif Mohammed Al-Abdullatif, CEO of the Audiovisual Media Commission, has shared his excitement regarding this unique national project, stating, “The Saudi TAM system has already proven to be a game-changer in achieving the media infrastructure goals outlined in the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030. Viewing data in Saudi Arabia has reached new heights of credibility and accuracy thanks to cutting-edge technologies.
The system acts as a catalyst for investors both within and outside the Kingdom by offering a treasure trove of media consumption data across a myriad of formats. This paves the way for a meteoric rise in national digital entertainment and media production.”
With its sights set on the future, this public-private partnership aspires to attract diverse global digital content companies, further propelling the thriving media industry to unparalleled success in the coming years.

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