An Auspicious Start: Chery group’s Sales Volume in January Hit 100,000 Units

In January, the sales volume of Chery Group hit 101,379 units, up 16.5% year on year, making it the eighth consecutive month since June 2022 that its sales volume exceeded 100,000 units in a single month. Among which, some prime models such as TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7 series keep their positions as the models of which the monthly sales volume exceeding 10,000 units with 10,856 and 12,768 units respectively.
The retail sales of passenger cars in the narrow sense dropped by 34.6% year on year in January, with about 80% of the manufacturers would experience double-digit year-on-year declines amid the pre-consumption, COVID-19 and holidays of Chinese New Year, estimated data from the automobile industry association showed. With such situation, Chery’s performance against the declining tendency is more commendable, which also sets a good beginning for the breakthrough in 2023.
Supported by technology, Chery’s vehicles obtained plenty of awards, which brings it massive popularity.
Chery’s triumph in January continues its achievement in 2022. In 2022, Chery sold 1.23 million units, which made a new record for its annual sales volume, with oversea sales volumes exceeding 450,000 units, up 67.7% year on year, making Chery top the list of Chinese brand for passenger vehicle export for 20 successive years.
This sales miracle can be attributed to Chery’s persistence in mastering core technologies. As a Chinese brand adhering to independent research and development, Chery has built 5 R&D centers worldwide, with an R&D team of more than 7000 elites, many of which are senior designers and engineers who have served world-class automobile enterprises including Jaguar Land Rover and General Motors. Guided by the development concept of “Establishing the Enterprise Based on Technology”, Chery has exported its products to global markets and enjoyed great popularity.
The launch of Chery’s new models in 2023 accelerates its internationalization process.
In the coming year, Chery will continue to be driven by technology to advance its global strategy to guarantee the further development of sales volume, vehicle quality and reputation from clients.
During the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention, Chery unveiled 11 exhibiting vehicles including the concept vehicle GENE, TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and some other products which covered multiple types of energy including petrol, hybrid and BEV, suggesting the superior manufacturing, and new energy technologies of “Technology Chery”.

Since the beginning of 2023, Chery’s advanced technologies will continue to be put into mass production. With the launch of new models, Chery will be more competitive in the global market, which will also help Chery achieve its annual aim. The tremendous confidence given by “Technology Chery” can not only promote the rapid product iteration, but also make the quality and performance of the product more reliable, which brings clients with better experience. It is self-evident that Chery will come into a new stage and make new achievements in 2023.

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