Chery PRO Launch The live-dialogue Program

To Strengthen Its Service Connection with Saudi Users

Recently, Chery organized an on-line live conference between Chery headquarter’s senior executives and users in Saudi Arabia. Via the live conference, the senior executives of Chery accepted the suggestions from representatives of local users and introduced the actions to improve the after-sales service in detail.
It’s said the on-line interview program with Chery headquarter will be hosted every week.
Danny You, Chery’s senior aftersales executive said ”Chery always care about the experience of Saudi customer, that’s why we launch this program. We want to hear more voice and suggestions from our customer, in order us to improve continuously. Saudi customer can also talk to Chery headquarter about their demands and request to Chery. We hope this on-line dialogue can happen every week, exist for long term.”
During the live conference, in order to dispel Saudi Arabian users’ concerns about future after-sales service, Chery announced multiple actions and promised the user representatives to achieve the goals of direct service center covering 90% cities of Saudi Arabia and part satisfaction rate reaching over 95% by the end of 2023. Moreover, Chery announced that it will appoint long-term service and technical support teams to Saudi Arabia in order to hear users’ suggestions and resolve their problems they met.
To better accept users’ suggestions and get to know their needs, Chery creatively ran user operation activities, which offers comprehensive care to users when driving and provides users with an opportunity to communicate with the senior executives. Chery also provides users with the best moment via theme activities and provides their family with featured activities. Currently, Chery’s theme activities for user operation are undergoing globally, which will further bring users close to Chery and provide them with care from Chery to find the perception of affiliation.
In the future, Chery will keep conducting the service concept of “user-oriented”. Meanwhile, it will also keep promoting the quality of service while understanding users’ needs to further secure global users’ rights and interests. Excellent service will also promote the acceleration of Chery’s international strategy.

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