Likee Launches Ramadan Kareem

Campaign to Help Users Celebrate the Holy Month

 Likee, one of the region’s most popular short video platforms, recently announced the launch of its new ‘Ramadan Kareem’ event page. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims around the world, and in regions such as the Middle East, the month is observed and celebrated by several diverse nationalities. With Ramadan being a time for worship, reflection, and community, Likee’s ‘Ramadan Kareem’ campaign is a great way for people to come together to celebrate and share their favorite moments during this special month.

The ‘Ramadan Kareem’ event page will feature a wide range of activities and challenges, and will be live on Likee from March 22nd 2023, until April 23rd 2023. The event page is divided into three stages, with each stage having its unique set of hashtags to encourage creators and viewers to create and share their favourite moments during Ramadan. Likee encourages its users to participate in the event page this year and will be making a donation towards a good cause on behalf of every creator that successfully partakes in the event and its three stages.

In the first stage, users are encouraged to use special hashtags like #Hello_Ramadan and #Ramadan_Mubarak to welcome the month of worship, share the atmosphere of their Iftars or share traditional Ramadan recipes with #Mother’s_Cooking or showcase their decorations for Ramadan with #Ramadan_Decorations. This is a great opportunity for users to showcase their creativity and share their personal style. The second stage invites users to share their spiritual moments and diaries in the days of forgiveness and not to miss the Taraweeh prayers. It is a time for reflection and introspection, and users can share their thoughts and feelings about this special month with their followers.

The third and final stage is all about sharing your preparation for Laylatul Qadr and your Ramadan prayers, followed by your preparations for the blessed Eid Al-Fitr. This is allowing users to come

together and share their excitement for the upcoming Eid celebrations. As Eid is a celebration, Likee encourages its users to share their memorable moments on the platform. Whether users would like to showcase their clothes and outfits for Eid, preparing delicious dishes, or spending quality time with their family, Likee would like to encourage all its users to showcase their culture and traditions during Ramadan this year.

“As an international platform, we at Likee recognize the importance of providing an ideal space for our global community to connect and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan together.” said a spokesperson for Likee. “We are thrilled to bring our users together to celebrate Ramadan with Likee. With this event page, we hope to encourage our users to create and share their favorite moments during Ramadan while contributing to a good cause. It is our way of celebrating and giving back to the community.”

To successfully participate in the ‘Ramadan Kareem’ event, users need to post a video using one of the Ramadan hashtags and share it with friends two or more times per stage. Users must participate in all three stages to be eligible for the donation prizes through which Likee will donate money to a charity on behalf of all users who fulfill the previously mentioned conditions.

To help users create a more engaging experience, Likee is also introducing special Ramadan stickers and filters, including a filter for users to light Ramadan lanterns with their fingers. Users participating in the #Mother’s_Cooking and #Ramadan_Designs hashtags can use the Supermix feature to create more immersive content. Through the introduction of the new activities for Ramadan this year, Likee is proud in honouring its commitment to fostering cultural diversity and inclusivity on its platform. Likee looks forward to embracing and celebrating the Ramadan content shared by users to inspire and bring joy to others during the season of giving.

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