Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. – Ford Expands Its New Centers

“Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co.– Ford, the authorized distributor of Ford and Lincoln cars in the western and southern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the reopening of its one-stop center on Al-Haramain Road in Jeddah, after remodeling its internal and external engineering design to keep pace with the new identity of the Ford brand, and to contribute to meeting the needs of Ford customers in the western region.

The new facility, located on Al-Haramain Road, east of Jeddah, shines with a distinguished level of equipment to provide all services to Ford customers under one roof, from individual and corporate sales to various financing and after-sales services such as maintenance and spare parts. The opening of this facility falls within (Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. – Ford) strategic plan to expand in its areas of presence with a modern network of showrooms to keep pace with the great development in the transportation sector and the high demand for Ford cars, while providing integrated exceptional services that guarantee customer satisfaction and comfort.

The redevelopment of the “One-Stop Center”, which covers an area of 878 square meters, began about a year ago, and now it appears in its final form, including a modern main showroom equipped to accommodate more than 10 cars. The hall features 3 famous Ford Raptor models that are displayed for the first time in one place, namely F -150 Raptor, Bronco Raptor and Ranger Raptor.

The Ford Raptor family is characterized by the following:
The distinctive front grille that bears the Ford brand, a heavy-duty suspension system, a four-wheel drive system, all-terrain tires, as well as underbody protection, and an engine more powerful than the rest of the categories.

The new showroom includes a group of luxury Lincoln models to complete the Ford collection under one roof, in addition to a modern and integrated after-sales service department equipped with state-of-the-art maintenance technologies and a special center for spare parts. This step constitutes a new era for Mohamed Yousuf
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Naghi Motors Co.- Ford in serving its customers in the western and southern regions.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kahwaji, Managing Director of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co.- Ford, noted the importance of the new center after its development and modernization, and how positive a step it represents for Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. Company – Ford and its customers in the western region. In his speech addressing the directors of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co., media representatives and the press, and Ford Middle East representatives, he said, “The rapid urban development taking place in the western region, especially in the city of Jeddah, on the one hand, and the high demand for Ford cars on the other hand, coinciding with our launch of several new models from Ford cars and trucks, encouraged us to strengthen our presence and implement our strategic plans set by the management to expand and spread in the western and southern regions. He stated, “We are confident that we can develop our service to better serve our customers, as we are committed to providing the best level of services to exceed customers’ expectations to the maximum extent possible. Today, we begin by translating this commitment into reopening this integrated center after its modernization, and it shall be followed by opening new centers.”

He added, “This step represents the implementation of our investment plans to expand, spread, and provide a variety of options packages for our customers through these centers, including purchasing, exchanging, and various financing programs, in addition to the best after-sales services. This reality is reflected in the standards used in the constructing this facility, which are in line with Ford International Standards.”

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