Taajeer Al Khalijiah (Primo) and Ekar Company sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement

Taajeer Al Khalijiah (Saudi Primo), a subsidiary of Taajeer Group, has concluded a Strategic partnership agreement with Ekar through which it aims to provide a variety of passenger cars at competitive prices to Ekar customers.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Taajeer Group by Mr. Hussain Abdullah, the General Manager of Taajeer Al Khalijiah, and Mr. Hesham Salah, the General Manager of Ekar in Saudi Arabia, in the presence of senior management representing Taajeer Group and Ekar.

Mr. Hussain Abdullah, the General Manager of Taajeer Al Khalijiah, expressed his pleasure with this joint agreement with Ekar Company, being the first and largest operator of private transportation services in the Middle East Region.

He added, “It is no secret that the extent of modern information technology and digital services for all sectors allow Taajeer Al Khalijiah to be keen on meeting requirements and providing transport solutions to our strategic partner, Ekar Company.

Mr. Hisham Salah, General Manager of Ekar Company, expressed his pride in the successful relationship with Taajeer Group; he mentioned: “The new agreement aims to improve the unique services provided by Ekar Company to its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ekar Company is proud to provide unique and distinct opportunities and experiences to various segments of customers.

Taajeer Al Khalijiah (Primo) was established in 2013 as an auto lease national company that provides car rental solutions with a recognizable presence in the Saudi market.

Ekar Company, established in 2016, is considered the first and the largest operator of personal transportation services in the Middle East. The Company provides users with access to connect the public to a vast network of vehicles through its application.

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