Bühler supports Saudi Arabia’s national food security goals

The Bühler Group supports Saudi Arabia’s aim to achieve national food security, considering also the international challenges impacting this vital sector. “We provide unique and innovative solutions, aligning the highest technical standards and sustainable developmental concepts in line with the national goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision,” comments Country Manager Eng. Mohamed Jebabra. Projects developed to date cover staple food products like wheat, rice and other grains, and extend to the feed industry.
Bühler has a long heritage in Saudi Arabia and is well positioned to assist with the national food security drive by the government. It was established in 1978 in Jeddah, partnering with a local company to gain insight into the grain, mill and silo sector.
Barely a decade later and Bühler relocated to the capital Riyadh and qualified for a Foreign Investment (FI) licence in 2001. It quickly became recognised as an essential partner in food security projects in the Kingdom.
From a global perspective, Bühler has over 145 branches and offices worldwide. Bühler is a family business established 160 years ago, with the fourth generation of founders still on the board. “Our heritage and passion is to serve society and industry, supplying high-quality products that comply with global specifications,” highlights Eng. Jebabra.
Bühler’s high-capacity equipment ranges from extruders to mixers, grinder, coolers, plansifters, conveyers, belts and hammers. Bühler has collaborated with some of the biggest private sector companies in Saudi Arabia, including Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO) and Al Marai for their value chain from grains to meat production and other food products.
“For many years, General Food Security Authority (GFSA) ex SAGO was our main and biggest customer in the Middle East and Africa in terms of grain terminals and modern mills operating with the highest production parameters, modern technologies and best quality,” notes Eng. Jebabra. This relationship has seen Bühler being responsible for over 60% of SAGO projects.
From the early stages of any project, Bühler assembles an experienced team to determine the project requirements and specifications. It designs and delivers high-quality machines and installs and commissions all equipment. It provides a manager to oversee any aftersales requirements and 24/7 maintenance.
Bühler also contributes to youth training and skills development in the Kingdom and developing the capabilities of local citizens. “We have a social responsibility to uplift and empower Saudi society,” says Eng. Jebabra. Bühler has developed a three-year technical programme to equip the youth with the necessary qualifications and training to enter the labour market.

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