HONOR Launches “Memories Together” Ramadan Campaign to Cherish the Moments of Togetherness this Holy Month

As Muslims worldwide celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and its spiritual values, HONOR launches “Memories Together” Ramadan Campaign, which aims to foster the sense of togetherness and strengthens social ties, while also highlighting the tremendous ways that HONOR products offer to perfectly capture Ramadan moments and memories together.
“HONOR recognizes the importance of Ramadan in bringing people together and creating meaningful moments.” Said Mr. Daniel Wang, MEA President, HONOR Middle East Africa. “With our “Memories Together” campaign, our goal is to provide users with innovative technologies that enhance their Ramadan experience and enables them to never miss a moment. We believe that these valuable moments will stay with our customers for a lifetime, and we are honored to be a part of their Ramadan celebration.”
This Ramadan, HONOR is encouraging users to get creative and try out new ways to capture and record the moment with a wide range of innovative features and camera capabilities of HONOR smartphones. The advanced vlogging options of HONOR smartphones can inspire users to create stunning and high-quality content during the blessed month.
As part of “Memories Together” campaign, customers can enjoy up to SAR 300 on their favorite HONOR products, making it the perfect time to upgrade their tech devices. In addition to these amazing discounts, customers will also receive free gifts worth up to SAR 1027 with their purchases, making it an even more exciting and rewarding shopping experience.
With Mother’s Day also approaching, the “Memories Together” campaign’s offers can be a great way to show appreciation to your mom and bring a new intelligent world to her day-to-day with the latest smart devices from HONOR.

New Way to Vlog Your Ramadan Experience
HONOR smartphones have always been known for their innovative camera features, and HONOR 70 5G and HONOR X9a are no exception. HONOR 70 5G comes with the industry’s first Solo Cut Vlog Mode allows multiple videos to be produced simultaneously, including a dedicated video of the subject being spotlighted alongside the original video featuring all subjects, which can be a great way to record Ramadan moment in a creative and unique way.
With HONOR X9a’s multi-video recording option and in just one take, users can use the front and rear camera at the same time or choose from the different modes to vlog their Ramadan experience and social gatherings from different angles, making their videos even more engaging and creative.
Ramadan Deal:
HONOR 70 5G: SAR 200 Saving with Free Screen Protection and GCC Warranty
● HONOR 70 5G (8+128GB) for SAR 1699 instead of SAR 1799
● HONOR 70 5G (8+256GB) for SAR 1799 instead of SAR 1999
HONOR X9a: Free HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X, Screen Protection & GCC Warranty
● HONOR X9a (8+256GB) for SAR 1399 + Free HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X and GCC Warranty

Availability: Jarir 、eXtra、LULU、Amazon、Noon and STC

Great Offers on HONOR X Series
HONOR also provides great discounts on other smartphones from the HONOR X Series line up, including the HONOR X8a, HONOR X7a, HONOR X8 5G, HONOR X6, as well as other models. These devices are designed to cater to a wide range of consumers, from those who are looking for an affordable smartphone with decent features to those who want a premium device with top-of-the-line specs.
The X Series line of smartphones from HONOR is known for its durability, high-quality display, powerful battery and fast charging. With these discounts, consumers can get their hands on these devices at a more affordable price point, without sacrificing on quality or performance.
Ramadan Deal
● HONOR X8a (8GB + 128GB) for SAR 949 + Free HONOR Gifts Box + Screen Protection + GCC Warranty
● HONOR X7a (4GB + 128GB) for SAR 649 + Free GCC Warranty
● HONOR X6 (4GB + 64GB) for SAR 499 instead of SAR 549
● HONOR X6 (4GB + 128GB) for SAR 549 instead of SAR 599* exclusively at Jarir Bookstore
● HONOR X5 for SAR 369 only
Availability: Jarir 、eXtra、LULU、Amazon、Noon and STC
● HONOR X8 5G (6GB+128GB) for only SAR 749 in Jarir
● HONOR X7 (4GB+128GB) for only SAR 599 in eXtra
Capture the Magic of Ramadan with HONOR Magic4 Pro
If you’re looking for a smartphone that can capture the beauty and magic of Ramadan, the HONOR Magic4 Pro with its advanced camera features could be a great choice. With its high-quality camera features, including the 50MP wide camera, 50MP 122o ultra-wide camera, and 64MP periscope telephoto camera, users can capture beautiful and detailed photos and videos of their Ramadan experiences.
The wide camera is perfect for capturing group photos with family and friends during iftar or suhoor gatherings, while the ultra-wide camera can capture wider panoramic shots of the beautiful Ramadan decorations and scenery. In addition, the HONOR Magic4 Pro comes with other features that can enhance your Ramadan experience, such as the 100W HONOR SuperCharge, allowing you to charge your smartphone 100% in just 30 minutes for Ramadan busy days.
Ramadan Deal
● HONOR Magic4 Pro for SAR 3699 instead of SAR 3999.
Availability: Jarir 、eXtra、STC
HONOR Tablets
Tablets can be a great way to watch content during Ramadan, especially due to their large screen size and great audio quality, for that HONOR included their tablets to Ramadan offering to provide users more convenience and amazing experience during the holy month. HONOR Pad 8 boasts a 12-inch 2K HONOR FullView Display which takes watching and consuming content to a whole new level, delivering stunning clarity and true-to-life hues, whether you’re watching your favorite TV shows, movies, or spiritual content.
The speakers of a tablet can be a great asset for those observing Ramadan, particularly when it comes to consuming content and watching TV. HONOR Pad 8 comes with 8 Speakers with DTS: X ULTRA, placed symmetrically on both sides, to deliver fantastic sound quality for a complete entertainment experience during Ramadan.
Ramadan Deal
HONOR Pad 8 for SAR 1099 with Free Keyboard + GCC Warranty
Availability: Jarir、eXtra
HONOR Pad X8 (4GB+64GB) from SAR 699 with free GCC Warranty and Flip cover
Availability: Jarir Bookstore & eXtra
Moreover, and from 16th March to 30th April, users will enjoy free services from HONOR including the free labor charge for out of warranty repair, 30 Days replacement for malfunction devices and screen protection for some models
Free Labor Charge: Starting from March 16th and continuing until April 30th, HONOR users will get free labor charges for out of warranty repairs in HONOR service center, which means that even if the warranty on your device has expired or your device was broken by accident, you can only pay the material cost to repair the device without charge labor cost.
30-Day Replacement: it means that if your device experiences a malfunction within 30 days of purchase, consumers will get a new device instead of repairing their existing one in HONOR service center once the device has malfunction failure.
Screen Protection: Buy HONOR X8a, HONOR X9a, HONOR 70, HONOR Magic4 Pro during March 16th and continuing until April 30th, they will get 1 time SCREEN PROTECTION, it means if by accident the phone dropped and broken the screen, the Screen material will be replaced for free in HONOR service center.
Post Repair: Customer can contact us to pick the device for repair from anywhere.
Book on MyHonor App
Book on HONOR website
Calling 8008440443
Email to: sa.support@hihonor.com
This campaign is an excellent opportunity for customers to take advantage of unbeatable offers and get the latest technology to enhance their lifestyle

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